Anyone considering the sale of their child care center is understandably nervous about competitors, employees or clients learning of the decision before the transaction actually closes. At Child Care Center Sales, we assure complete confidentiality throughout the listing/marketing process so that you can continue normal operations at the center even as we help market the business for the best price. All prospective buyers that we deal with are required to sign a buyer’s registration agreement that ensures this confidentiality along with their financial ability to complete the transaction. The listing/marketing process also involves no charge to the seller until the business is actually sold.

The listing/marketing process itself involves the following steps:

1. The prospective seller contacts us to set up an appointment to view and discuss the business, after hours if necesasry.

2. We conduct, without charge, a financial evaluation of the business to determine the appropriate and optimal price based on business financials, market conditions and the previous sales of other daycare centers in your area.

3. If mutual agreement is reached, we market your center by first contacting prospective buyers in our own extensive buyer database and then, if necessary, listing it (confidentially) on relevant commercial brokerage/realty Web sites. Additionally, we work with other brokers and agents who have access to qualified buyers.

5. When an interested qualified buyer is located, we negotiate the best price on your behalf (and only with your full agreement).

6. If the buyer makes a formal offer, we help you through the required paperwork to generate a legally binding sales agreement.

7. We represent your interests in subsequent events such as due diligence, appraisal, regulatory issues and potential re-negotiation until final closing.

Through every step of this process, our clients benefit from Childcare Center Sales' deep expertise and industry knowledge (see About Us).

Child care centers we've sold in the Atlanta area in recent years include:

References available upon request.