Daycare centers, like most businesses, are marketed on the basis of strict confidentiality. Sellers, for competitive reasons, do not wish to be publicly identified prior to the actual sale of their center. Also, to avoid wasting their time, sellers wish to be contacted only by financially qualified buyers. That is why Child Care Center Sales will only represent prospective buyers who agree to confidentiality and are financially qualified.

Once these requirements are met, we can begin searching through available listings, ours and those that are listed by other brokers, to find the center most appropriate for your needs and help obtain financing for you (if necessary) from our network of interested lenders. You incur no cost at all in this process until you actually purchase a center! And, of course, you are under no obligation to bid on a property. If you decide to make an offer on a property, we will help you through every step in the process, from negotiating a price, to conducting due diligence and appraisals, to handling regulatory issues to helping you find a qualified closing attorney.

The process begins with you filling out and submitting to us the buyer registration form below. This puts you into our database of potential buyers and enables us to keep you informed of current opportunities. Again, there is no obligation on your part until you actually decide to make an offer on a center.

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