Should I stay or should I go? This line from a popular song sums up the dilemma facing some daycare center owners. How can I best capture the financial value of this business that I have built and nurtured all these years? Am I operating at maximum efficiency and would be best off continuing as before? Can improvements be made to improve current or future profits? Or, given my personal circumstances and market conditions, is this the time to cash out and monetize my investment?

Obviously, the answer to these questions depends on the specific situation of each daycare center and owner. And sometimes a center owner can benefit from the perspective and advice of an outside expert, such as Child Care Center Sales. Based on our extensive knowledge of the industry, we can evaluate your business on an objective, neutral basis to help you determine the best strategy for maximizing financial value.

It's important for you to realize that this for-fee exit planning service of ours is separate from our commercial realty business. Our recommendations will not, in any way, be designed to encourage you to sell your business. Our goal – and our promise to you – is to help you extract the best value, whatever that course of action may be. Over the years, we have encountered many daycare centers that could have operated at improved profitability with better marketing, targeted investments and new management strategies. Selling the business may appeal to you as the “easy” answer, but it’s not necessarily the right answer.

If you think this service may meet your needs, please contact us. All inquires will be handled on a confidential basis.